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Veteran Housing

How We Differ

The Factory vs The Warehouse

Most housing initiatives fail to live up to their expectations.

That is a statement of fact.

Well intentioned Housing Initiatives always deliver the actual bricks and mortar for shelter, unfortunately, they usually fall flat by failing to provide that critical piece, the income that allows the homeless to progress financially and reintegrate back into society. Without income and self sufficiency, homeless-housing literally becomes a dead end warehouse that brings you in and shelters you, but provides no viable exit plan.

Our proposal radically differs, in that it treats the real estate more as a factory than a warehouse. Our main interest is not in the assembly line, but rather its product. At-risk veterans enter, and are taken on a one on one journey from poverty to self sufficiency and ultimately home ownership. By raising funds to buy and equip many of these factories, IECLT will teach prosperity AND provide the high paying JOBS thru its rigorous training programs and its Government Contracting business.

In one source, we have the potential to house, feed, train and EMPLOY all types of at risk, low &very low income, as well as homeless veterans. Run by a combat disabled veteran, we can literally lead other veterans from poverty to prosperity by discovering their skills and dreams and developing a custom success plan. Our ability to financially support and self sustain this environment is a simple and very powerful difference from the conventional warehouse model. Once our factory exists, it financially self sustains and grows on its own, with the ability to duplicate and replicate success. It seems that this model is capable of breaking the poverty cycle.

Another core idea is that ONLY veterans are leading, teaching and assisting veterans. This creates the safest and most comfortable “structure” recognized by our customers, other veterans. With successful veterans in charge, the obvious comparisons to military structure and order are very clear. The obvious differences from other communities are also very clear.

Our belief is that when we are taught and led by those that have come from the same place, have traveled over the same ground, have endured similar hardships and are focused and committed 100% to individual prosperity, success is virtually assured.

For starters, that’s how we differ. Please keep these differences in mind as you enjoy our presentation, and we will outline a number of other key differences in our plan.

Imagine if you will, a community of only Veterans, where every person is on a custom course to achieve earning power and self sufficiency. Think about it. A custom - individualized - course. No prejudgments. No limitations. Does there exist a place that offers the simple proposition:

What makes you get up everyday, motivated to do what you love, that can be transformed into a business that also provides an income?

Such a place does exist!

IECLT, Inc's housing initiative creates a venue where these dreams become a reality

Centrally located, the Beehive serves as a protected growth space where 40 Homeless Veteran clients receive free room and board as well as mentoring and direction from the 80 "upper classmen and women" who are on their own journey to recover and prosper. All 120 will "graduate" on their way to success and home ownership, making way for the next "class".

Housing with High paying JOBS is the way to cure the Veterans Housing Crisis.

Dreams can come true........

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