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Congratulations IECLT, Inc.

The Cal-Vet John Lopez Award Winner for

“California’s Disabled Veteran Business of the Year 2016”

IECLT, Inc. is owned by Combat Disabled Veteran: Robert "Lee" Poorman (USAF). Staffed almost entirely by other Disabled/ Struggling Veterans - Sgt. Poorman's quest is simple.

Help other Veterans.

Please join me on that journey.....

Veterans Serving Veterans

In America, serving country has no higher

calling. Men and Women of all ages, races

and backgrounds willingly answer that call.

Once service is completed, the returning

able and disabled veterans are often left

with lingering memories along with the

prospect of a dismal job environment.

Having walked this difficult road, Robert Lee, IECLT, Inc's President/ CEO and Service Disabled Veteran has committed his every resource to changing veterans lives and making a difference. 

To that end, when ever possible, IECLT, Inc.

will hire veterans of all types. Priority will be

given to unemployed/ underemployed individuals.

We encourage veterans who are seeking work to

contact us by visiting our "Apply Online" page. 

What We Do

  • California General Contractor B/C27/D49 License #978851
  • SBA Certified Small Business
  • CA Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) #1720300
  • Duns #800231149. 

IECLT, Inc.utilizes it's licenses and certifications to bid on Government and Public Works Contracts. Once awarded, IECLT, Inc seeks out, hires and trains its "at risk" Veteran workers. Strategic partners New Directions and Cal-Vets provide supportive and recovery services to the selected Veterans. This powerful combination is a complete housing-Jobs solution, as it results in high paying long term opportunities for the most at risk/homeless Veteran clients.

This powerful Housing-Jobs solution is a key part of IECLT's master plan to solve the Veterans Housing crisis, both here in California and nationwide.

Please join us in this noble and worthy cause.

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